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Let me plunder your books of wonder

About the Blog

Hello there lovelies, or as I should say, fellow book lovers. As you can see where you've stumbled upon, I'll have you know I love books just as much if not more than you. Not that this is a competition at this point, there's plenty of books to go around for everyone and their brother to share. Which is why I'm here, to share the love of my findings along the way. Everyone has their story of how they started liking books, but I honestly don't remember a time when I wasn't reading a book. From the time I was able to learn how to read I was very much enthused with reading when my parents were far from it. Both had bad eyesight so it made life a little bit harder for the both of them to read to me. I however had an aunt that realized that my reading level was far better than some six year old's and the next thing I remember getting for Christmas was Harry Potter. I was addicted, but then I  couldn't stop, not only was it Harry Potter, but then it stretched out to Nancy Drew, and before long it was things like Goosebumps and Series Of Unfortunate Events. I'd have a checked out limit in school, but I'd still  be sitting in the library reading other books because I just couldn't have nearly enough

Meanwhile I'm Michelle and I'm 23 now, living the great adult life. When I don't have my nose stuffed in a book I'm usually trying to find my way to the nearest theatre, I love anything and everything to do with theatre, musical, plays, just the cast and every night being different than the first. Of course when I'm not there, I'm at home attached to my TV, between the endless shows I'm addicted to, there's movies and sports that I'm into.