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Let me plunder your books of wonder

Review Policy

This little corner of mine on the internet is open for books of all kinds. Though I do have a few policies that follow along with this.

1. Will you review my book?

It's possible, I'd like a summary of your book and if it peeks my interest then by all means. As long as I'm not loaded down with reviews and my personal life is willing I'm usually going to be accepting books as long as I'm not overwhelmed with books.

2. Do you accept series novels?

I do, as long as you're willing to send them to me in order. I love to get hooked on a good series, but please don't ask me to review a book that's the second in the series if you're not willing to send me the first, I probably wouldn't enjoy reading said book. I'd also turn it down for not reading over my policies.

3. Are you willing to post reviews before the book is published?

Of course I am! I however can't promise dates of when I'll be posting reviews. There's so little time in the world, and so many books that need to be read in such a short allotted time.

4. Are there any genres you won't read? 

Truthfully I'm all about fiction, I'm in love with going on journeys with people and getting to learn all about these new characters in life. Young Adult or not, I do enjoy a good adventure, and sometimes even a good romance. (It's gotta be a really good book for me to enjoy romance or I'll likely turn it down.) I don't do biographies, as I probably don't know you, so me reviewing your book would basically either say I like your life, or you're a liar. Either way I'm not a huge fan of those unless it's on someone's famous, or people of history. I'm a huge history buff actually, so I'm not apposed to those either as long as it's done correctly. Long story short, as long as you don't give me a cowboy book, erotica, or an autobiography, I'm likely to read the book if the plot interests me.

I believe that about covers it, if you have any questions about my review policies please don't hesitate to contact me. Just let it be known that I have the right to turn away books if I'm not interested, or if I'm too bogged down with reviews to actually get to it. I can guarantee it's nothing personal, but I'm only one human. Thanks!